Ultimate Guide to throw an Ice Cream Social for Employee Appreciation Day 2023

Employee Appreciation Day Office Celebration

If your boss asks you about the organization of the annual employee appreciation day, and you have no idea what to do, here I have an excellent recommendation.


Ice Cream Catering

Why not throwing an Ice Cream Social Party?

It’s a great idea since everyone loves ice cream, hot summer weather is ideal for having a pleasant time with your co-workers and forgetting about the problems of work, tasks, or projects.

The most popular flavors are undoubtedly vanilla and chocolate. However, there are other options that people like a lot, such as strawberry, birthday cake, coffee, walnut, amaretto, or sorbets, which are super refreshing dairy-free options for lactose-intolerant people.

Start Planning your Ice Cream Party

Marble Slab has tons of experience in Ice Cream Catering for corporate, hospitals, schools, and any industry.

We may recommend at least 15 days to plan the ice cream social event properly. Book the room, get the table ready, send the email to your coworkers, and of course, check the options with Marble Slab.


Recommendations for having a great Ice Cream Sundae Bar Event

If your group is not very large (<50 people), you can order a Crowd Pleaser combo, in which Marble Slab packs up to 5 ice cream flavors, 5 toppings, cups, napkins, spoons, and a plastic scoop in a disposable cooler, which you can either pick it up by yourself or we can deliver.

In this case, you and your coworkers will serve the ice cream to each other, which also undoubtedly is very fun.

We recommend 1 day before confirming with Marble Slab that everything is in order and ensure that the server arrives at your office at least 45-30 minutes before the time so they prepare everything on time. He also asks if they need support for parking.

Marble Slab Catering Checklist

The most convenient thing to do is to include 2 ice cream flavors, vanilla and chocolate are by far the most popular, but if you want to change or add one, there is no problem. 6 toppings of your choice are also included, from which you can choose between sweets, cookies, nuts, and fruits.

Undoubtedly, you cannot miss the ingredients of the Sundae bar, such as Fudge, Caramel, Whipped Cream, Cherries, and Peanuts, which will give a special touch.

Regular service includes 1 hour serving time, but if your group is too big, you can request extra time.

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